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Colt 1911 Reference Books, DVDs

In this digital age there is a volume of information on the internet to address just about any firearm or shooting related question you may have, and thats good. However I often find there is always something missing, something incorrect or I just want more details than is generally available. Fortunately there are still many good books and DVD’s being produced to fill in the voids. As always if you have something to add to the list drop me a message.

Colt 1911 Books

If you are going to work on 1911 based handguns. The two Jerry KuhnHausen entries listed below are must owns. There are no other books on the 1911 that compare. There is a companion DVD that I have never actually seen available.

The Colt .45 Automatic. A Shop Manual, Volume 1. Jerry KuhnHausen

A detailed book which is extremely practical for every level of gunsmithing knowledge. This manual covers the 1911 from the lanyard loop to the barrel bushing. Contains useful information on inspection, part selection, part installation, trouble-shooting and function testing. Also shows tricks the pros use to turn stock 1911s into full-blown carry and race guns. Contains instructions and illustrations on assembly and disassembly, pitfalls to avoid and areas to check for the best performance.

This books availability comes and goes. Check and Brownells

Colt 1911 Shop Manual Volume 1

Colt 1911 Shop Manual Volume 1

The U.S. M1911/M1911A1 Pistols & Commercial type Pistols. A Shop Manual, Volume 2. Jerry KuhnHausen

A great follow-up to Volume 1. This is not a revision of Volume 1 and not a rehash of old military manuals! This book is absolutely loaded with new and updated material, parts dimensions and hardness specifications, and the nuts and bolts tech data required to dimensionally inspect, restore, repair and build super accurate, super reliable, “blueprint” quality carry and competition grade M1911s.

This volume is more readily available but again check and Brownells for pricing.

1911 Shop Manual Volume 2

1911 Shop Manual Volume 2

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